Friday, January 22, 2010

~here's our plan~

back from langkawi already...our 1st family vacation in 2010...plan for 2010..already made in our family..

2nd vacation..going to sabah...

3rd vacation..going to dubai...

hurm..14 lurvely n only akak that i have..getting engaged..with a guy name raden..

15 lurvely 2nd bro..getting engaged too..with a gurl name asilah..

the biggest plan for diz year..10 october..both my akak n bro getting married..


i feel so happy..knowing that my akk n bro will have their own family..


i feel so sad..dun know why..on my 2nd thought..i know why..i'm going to loss them..

not losing for a bad reason..

it juz..they'll moving out from thiz house..with their husband n wife..

it's really a different feeling when ur siblings already married..

same goes with my along..


bilew taw along nk kawen..mmg xcited gilew ar..

my first siblings getting married..

dlu tyme blajar pown mmg xdowk

bilew da kawen..

btowl2 moving out from thiz house..

got his own family..

mmg besh...

aku admit..adew akk ipar..yg baek..cantek plak tuh..

tmbah lgik ahli family neh..

along mmg xberubah..

dri kecik smpai skunk tuh jugak prangai..hoho..

after knowing akk n bangah will getting married..

feels that..

i'm gonna misz the tyme that we had together..

as a siblings..


i'm glad..

diowank nyew pilihan..

mmg terbaek..same goes to along..

when along decide to marry kak linda once..

rase nyew..

sbab kiteowank too close as a siblings, let my akak n 2nd bro moving out..

it's too hard for me...

bangah told me..

perhaps..diew xkuaw dri uma neh..

pas kawen..kak asilah dowk cini..

bangah got his own reason..

to him..

telampau lamew diew tinggal an family..

form 1 till 5..skulah kt STAR..perak..jaowh2..

abesy spm..2 years..uat A level kt uitm..

5 years..stay in germany..

i dun know..could be bangah xkuaw..could be yes..


end of thiz overseas..further his study..going to have a title as DR.FIRDAUS..hoho..taking his Ph.D..

besh nyew jdik bangyong..superb genius..graduate jew..tros u amek kejew..bgik scholar..smbung study..xyah amek master plak tuh..mmg brilliant..tros Ph.d...

me...??haha..angan2 mat jenin jew lowh..~

~perasaan yg berkecamok~

~da nanges pown tulis bende neh~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

~new stocky~

kelmarin..bru aku realize yg stok perfume aku yg byk tuh da out of ar layang an duet bli stock baru...

bau nyew bau..tejumpe lowh perfume yg sgt wangi...RALPH LAUREN>>ROMANCE..mmg wangi ar..xkn busok plak an..hukhuk..bli satu set..ngn body lotion skaly..erm..

da bli tuh..adew plak sowank promoter neh approach suro bli perfume laen..mak aik...klu diew support xpew gak..dengar nyew dengar..bau nyew bau..akhir nyew terbeli gak satu...huhu..EMPORIO ARMANI>>DIAMONDS..ingat an bli dpat diamonds..xdew ar plak..huisy..

cukop ar shoping towk be continued....>_<

Monday, January 11, 2010

~MUET result~

yeah2....akhir nyew penantian result for MUET berakhir jugak...

lega da pat result...alhamdulillah...

  Index Number : MM115/4...
Identification Card (IC) : 910726.....
Name : SITI HAJAR ..

~epie oliday~

akhir nyew...aku cuti!!!

    yeah2..saye cuti...

lamew gilew xup8...mmg xdew time ar nk up8..too msny things happen to me..2009 pown da pergi...

kau ( 2009 ) pergi.....pergi....kau pergi....*mcm lagu aizat menang AJL smalam*

ckap psal AJL..teringat FAIZAL TAHIR...aku..confirm2 ar the biggest fan of him..not the biggest loser okey...

sday ar diew xpat uat gimik yg segempak last year..last year nyew perfomance..mmg gempak gilew ar..

tapi...smalam pown power tuh diew nyanyi...suare diew..mmg xsame lngsung ar mcm sore aku..uiks!!!

okey2..melalut lak..skunk ngh cuti mid sem..mid sem exam....???

don't speak....haha...benci ar..aku xtaw asal math aku hampeh sgt...mmg aku ngn math ditakdirkan xbersamew..ahax~

lantak ar..da lepas pown..

kepadew smuew...appie oliday....!!!