Friday, December 26, 2008

~fighting day~

why must her be the prefect's teacher???????
at first,she seemed owkey to to day,she became an arrogant teacher that try to make me as her 'boneka' and want me to follow all her order eventhough she was WRONG!!! i can't understand her..until one day,she told me that.."saya akn pijak perempuan yg jdik ketua or penolong smpai die ikowt arahan saya"!!! that's what she said to me..and started from that day,i never follow her order..lagikpown,arahan diew xpena btol..aku pikir sendiri smue bende and uat sendiri,everything run smoothly without her order or her help!! what can i say,i'm a gud penolong k.pngawas..she can't deny it at all...

~18 February 2008~

HARI PERLANTIKAN KETUA DAN PENOLONG KETUA PENGAWAS..and the person are me and nuar..i'm a 'penolong ketua pengawas' at my,nuar is the head prefect..hurm..according to principal,khai will be the secreatary with soub,and khalida will be the treasurer..bad,notink at prefect's teacher dizcussing with me either we have to take bad or khai as the secreatary..i'm juz giving my opinion since i knew which one is better to hold the post and play her role,teacher is agreed with me to take bad as the secreatary of the prefect..i'm so glad to build a hardworking team of my AJK..but,there is owez an obstacle for me to start my duty..khai and khalida boycott our AJK team..hurm..
my first challeged as i hold the post..

~the day that changed my life~

On february,ade hari pengundian nak pilih smue AJK TERTINGGI pengawas..
all teachers and prefects were involved to vote for the AJK..
at the beginning,everything juz fine between us..i mean between kiteowank yg di vote neh..there are 7 of us..nuar,ikmal,soub,khai,khalida,bad and to day,everything changed between 4 of the gurls..khai n khalida seemed unsatisfied with me n bad..but,it's owkey..i'm try to be fine with them since we're on the same class..5 science 1..until the day we had an interview with the principal..our new principal..after the interview,bad is the one that really abuse with khai's answer during the interview..actually,at the first place,ikmal is the head prefect..
n khai is the assistant of head prefect..but,teachers noticed that they did not play their role as the post..that's why the reshuffle of AJK had done..during the interview,khai answered in the safe way..that's why but was abused with her am i..hurm...

~finally..i did it..~

I took a year to create my own blog since i'm really busy on this year..
actually,i created this blog juz to turn my feeling into words..
nobody know my real life n story that i lead at school in form 5..
this blog could be my personal diary also my 'loyal' friend that will owez accompany me..i really hope,i will write all my story during this year becoz this year is a really tough year for me to live on....finally,i created a blog for me..i did it!!

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